Hello People, I was here a while ago to get posted as a sugar mummy but then you were having troubles with the site. I hope it is all as over as you claim it is. Anyway I am here to see if I can get hooked up with a serious

My name is Omonigo and I am in my very early 40′s. I am a business woman by profession and I can
confess that business is good by experience. I use to be married but not anymore and what happened between I and my ex is no body’s business. He has the kids because he is not in the country but they come to see me during their holidays. So I can say I am good with that arrangement.

I just love to have a nice time. I love to visit parks and just have fun or watch people have fun. I do go to watch movies but I prefer been there with someone. I do not like going to clubs or parties I am not invited to.

I have been bored for a while now and I guess it is time for a little excitement in my life. I need someone who is ready to just have fun with me whenever he is around. I need someone of mature mind and looks. I need someone who knows where mature people hang out and not places for children. I as a sugar mummy will provide for you but you have to prove you can provide for yourself too so that I can support.  Anyone who is interested can write me a message in the message box below.

Honest messages only and not copy and paste. If I get the hint that I was sent a ‘copy and paste’ message, I will ignore you totally. Thanks a lot for posting me here Admin. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.